Final Thoughts


I just got home from New Orleans and had a few thoughts I wanted to share about our conference.

First of all, I completed enjoyed it! It takes so much of time, money, and resources to go every year, and yet I always leave feeling that the investment was well worth it.

As a commercial practitioner I feel it is especially important. NAR has (rightfully so) a large commitment to the residential practitioners in its constituency. Yet, did you know that we have over 70,000 members who practice commercial real estate? We have an additional 200,000 plus members that say they practice some commercial in their businesses. That is something near 300,000 members who have a big stake in commercial practice!

NAR has always been supportive but in recent years has certainly stepped up their game to support commercial practitioners in so many ways. Publications like Commercial Connections, tools, educational programs, and outstanding designations like CCIM, FLI, CRE to name just a few. As a commercial practitioner myself, I feel it is critically important to not only support these efforts but to be engaged as much as possible. Attending the REALTORS® Convention & Expo is not something I would ever miss.

Lastly I want to say that the best part of conference is the people. To quote an old cliche, our business is not real estate, its people! REALTORS® Convention & Expo gives us all a chance to meet, share ideas, make new contacts, and just enjoy each others company.

This years conference fulfilled all my goals for attendance in every way. I returned home a better practitioner with more energy and commitment to my business. And that is attending conference should do for us.

This year they hit it out of the park!

Alex Ruggieri serves as a Senior Investment Advisor for Sperry Van Ness, specializing in the sale of investment properties in Champaign-Urbana and Central Illinois.

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