YPN Works. For Real.


One of the highlights of my time in New Orleans was being able to introduce my outgoing YPN Chair to all the young, thriving talent that congregates at these NAR events, and at the YPN Reception on Friday night at Generations Hall, she saw that.

As the staff liaison back in Birmingham, Alabama, I am constantly telling my YPN members that there is a “bigger world” out there when it comes to the Young Professional Network. I encourage them to join the Facebook group, reach out to someone you don’t know, and just start sharing knowledge.

Friday night, I was reminded again that YPN WORKS. People doing business across the country, making connections with people overseas, and growing their businesses to levels often unthinkable here in our little corner of the South.

When my Birmingham YPN Chair saw all these people, who knew one another and had done business with one another – her jaw dropped.

“You were telling the truth, Andrew,” she said. It was good for my heart to have my cheerleading and pushing come to a reality.

YPN works, ya’ll.

It works because our generation thrives off of one another. We can relate to similar issues. We can push open the same closed doors. We can grow at the same pace and passion that others have.

Here in Birmingham we are doing everything we can to show the true power of YPN by creating events that aren’t just an excuse to grab a beer, but truly centered around business development and grabbing new listings and new clients.

We recently hosted our first ever “Prop Swap” event where 20 people were able to, in Shark Tank like style, pitch properties for a minute to the group and then collect interest. It was a huge success and saw a great crowd turn out. Now other YPN chapters across America are following our lead and offering the same style of event. Because YPN works.

We found that we we were having low attendance to “boring monthly meetings” so we stopped them. We broke the group down into a small, dedicated body, that could lead the way in planning events and creating value for their fellow members. It’s worked. Because YPN WORKS.

YPN is at the top of every Association member’s to-do list these days because it is important that we invest time and energy into the leaders of tomorrow, and to have them SEE the value that the NAR brings to them is of vital importance now.

Seeing the vast array of people who showed up on Friday to greet old friends, meet new contacts, and forge new business relationships proves that YPN is on the move. It is going to be the future of NAR. Because YPN WORKS.

Andrew Sims is the Communications Director of the Birmingham Association of REALTORS® in Birmingham, Alabama.

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