REALTORS® Conference & Expo: My Day 6


Well today was my last day in New Orleans, and it began with the Board of Directors meeting where we passed some important changes. Most of the changes came out of a REALTOR® of Tomorrow work group that has been working on this project for awhile. We are creating a code of excellence to go along with the code of ethics.

Here is a link to the NAR synopsis of the Board’s actions:

There was lively debate on the floor, but in the end we vote to adopt the work group’s recommendations.





After the BOD meeting, I walked along the mighty Mississippi on my way to grab some last minute gifts for the family and then hustle to the airport to start the journey home.






The only hiccup was a delay do to weather in Denver, where I got to see snow for the 1st time this season.



Oh and by the way, for any one that thinks I just sit around at the REALTOR® Convention & Expo, this is the reading from my Fitbit for the week. I think the sleep tracker is also correct.


This is my last post from the 2014 REALTORS® Convention & Expo, and I have truly enjoyed being part of the NAR Conference Live group. #narannual

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