Noteworthy Tweets – Day Three


Here’s my last post for notable tweets:

It was a day full of hot statistics, tips, and techniques at NAR Annual, as seen in the top tweets of Day Three:

Tightened inventory, difficulty receiving credit, and lower than average salaries have kept many of the Millennial buyers out of the market, but most economists see that as a temporary setback:

Home ownership is widely popular with the Millennials, likely even more than you think:

More than $100,000 was raised for the NAR Relief Foundation:

Confirmation that mobile is THE place to be now and in the future, with this statistic:

You may be surprised to learn where the top metro area for home ownership is for Millennials:

While the cost of living is going up each year, incomes are not following suit:

And finally, Captain Mark Kelly let us in on his secrets to success in this exclusive NAR Conference Live video:

Thousands of tweets were flying across the twitterverse over the past three days, with #narannual making it to the trending list two days in a row.  We hope you have enjoyed these little snipets of what the conference held.

Until next year… happy tweeting!

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