What It Means to Be a REALTOR®


First off, I would like to applaud the over 17,000 REALTORS® that attended NAR Annual in New Orleans this year! After thinking about all the amazing sessions and business meetings, the EXPO, fabulous receptions, networking with truly wonderful REALTORS®/friends, the food, the music, etc.; I am extremely proud to call myself a REALTOR®.

To me being a REALTOR® means being involved in your community and setting the example like the five Good Neighbor Award recipients this week!

Being a REALTOR® means staying involved at the local, state, and national level and bringing back the wealth of knowledge to our consumers and Associations back home.

Being a REALTOR® means giving to RPAC (REALTORS® Political Action Committee) to get REALTOR® Party Champions elected into office and fight the tens of thousands of bills that could crucially affect our industry each year. RPAC is your insurance policy in real estate! #LookOutForTheNewYPNPledgeComingSoon

Being a REALTOR® means being professional and living by the REALTOR® code of ethics. This means retuning calls, presenting all offers, working with other agents to close the deal, showing up on time, being courteous, and basically be the professionals you know we all should be!

My favorite quote of the week was from Captain Mark Kelly and he said, “How good you are when you start something is no indication of how good you can become.”

This is a CRITICAL time in the real estate industry and NOW is the time to step-up our GAME people 😉

I hope you all learned a lot this week at NAR Annual and are proud to call yourself a REALTOR® as I am! Now get home safely, get back to work, and make sure to follow up with all the amazing people that you met at #narannual this week!

Ryan Asao is the most prestigious REALTOR® in the San Gabriel Valley. He is passionate about real estate and represents his peers at the local, state, and national level.

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