Honing Your Negotiating Edge: Gaining Trust & Loyalty


Being a successful REALTOR® is a direct reflection of your ability to create lasting relationships with people. The greater your ability to gain an individual’s trust and loyalty in a negotiation, the more likely you are to succeed within said negotiation. Sales are a matter of building trust. When it comes to sales, what many people don’t realize is that you will build greater revenue and a more loyal clientele if you are able to efficiently navigate their pain points and help to solve them.

Real estate isn’t cheap, and the majority of people looking to purchase a home require a great deal of research and options. “Can you give advice to someone who doesn’t trust you?” as asked by Ed Hatch at this years REALTORS® Convention & Expo, points out that you must create an ability to communicate effectively and connect. Gaining the trust and loyalty of your clientele allows you to differentiate yourself from competitors. It builds credibility in your business and what you are selling.

Ed Hatch said “By using your client’s preferred method of delivery in presentations it helps you to connect with that client.” Building trust and loyalty creates lasting relationships, the ability to better assist people, and creates more opportunities for future sales.

Ian M. Charlebois is the Owner, Chairman, CEO & Broker of Record at RE/MAX Citywide Realty Inc., a real estate brokerage whose vision and strategic directions are infused with a commitment to delivering value-added customer service at all stages of the sales experience.

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