The Nefarious Mr. Green


Have you visited Yo Mama’s Bar & Grill? If so, you may have met Mr. Green. “An impeccably dressed, dapper gentleman of about 60, always smiling.” But stare too long and you may notice the crook in his neck and the angry rope burns around his neck. His smile will fade away as quickly as his spirit. Mr. Green was a successful, happy-go-lucky tailor in a shop formerly located here. “His cold, lifeless body was found hanging from the ceiling here one morning by an employee. No one knows the circumstances, or why he was driven to this unthinkable act.” He still frequents the bar, playing mischievous pranks on patrons, like moving the pool table balls or goosing the ladies.

Jacy Riedmann is Vice President of Amoura Productions. Amoura Productions is a photography and video production company specializing in real estate, architecture, travel, and tourism media.

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