Have You Seen the Roaming Pirate Ghost Reginald Hicks?


Pirates Alley Café stands on the site of the former Spanish Colonial Prison of 1769. It is here where a young cabin boy turned pirate, Reginald Hicks, married his pregnant sweetheart. They were wed by a preacher who was in jail and had to perform the ceremony through the bars on the eve of the young man’s next voyage. While away at sea, there is a debate between “historians” over whether he drowned or whether he returned only to discover his beloved and baby went missing. He is said to roam the streets in the early morning, looking for his lost love.

Check out some photos below and learn more about the Pirate’s Alley Café here.

Jacy Riedmann is Vice President of Amoura Productions. Amoura Productions is a photography and video production company specializing in real estate, architecture, travel, and tourism media.

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