REALTOR® Safety in the Big Easy


As a former police officer (and current reserve officer), safety is something that comes automatically for me. But I fully understand this is not something fellow REALTORS® have had ingrained into their minds as it has been for me for almost 20 years. Because of my background, I have always advised and spoke within our industry on REALTOR® safety. I gave numerous talks back in September during REALTOR® Safety Month right up until the unfortunate Beverly Carter incident. After that, my phone and email went crazy with dozens of requests to speak on this vital topic throughout the midwest. I spent most of the month of October sharing my thoughts on what REALTORS® can do to BE SAFE and offer many of those thoughts here as well. Please keep these in mind as you venture out into the darkness of the Big Easy and when you get back home!

Self Awareness
Know your own limits, capabilities, and the truth of your skill set in dealing with a hostile encounter.

Create a buddy system and ALWAYS check in with others to let them know where you are, along with an ETA for your return.

Know the Who, What, Where and When of what you are doing beforehand. Avoid any and all “last-minute” plans.

You control what your expectations are and have every right to tell anyone else what you expect from them.

I’m not talking self defense classes or even weapons training because as an officer we train the most with the one weapon we hope to never have to use. What I mean here is put yourself through some real life probable encounters with your friends, family, and coworkers so that you know your own response level under stress.

Put yourself first! Take a proactive approach to creating systems, expectations, and limits for how you will interact with your clients each and every day!

Be safe here in the Big Easy and have fun soaking up all the amazing culture this one-of-a-kind city has to offer!

Sean is a REALTOR® at RE/MAX Boone Realty and is the Vice Chair of Advocacy for the Missouri REALTORS®.

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