To Shoot or Not to Shoot


New Orleans has started to get hot with REALTORS® from all over the world coming to this city for four days of networking, learning, and of course, partying and eating. It IS New Orleans after all…

My first foray into social media years ago was at one of the first REBarCamps. Late at night, I pulled out my camera for a couple of photos of friends. Big mistake. I got shot down and was told “no party photos.”

Sure, take lots of photos and share them on your Instagram or Twitter, but remember the Golden Rule from my buddy Debra Trappen (@d11consulting) who says “After nine, or two bottles of wine: NO PHOTOS.”

Now it’s my Golden Rule too. Thanks Debra!!

With over 35 years of experience, Richard has won numerous real estate awards. A consistent top producer, he is within the top 1% of the Toronto Real Estate Board’s 40,000 members.

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  1. Debra Trappen on :

    Thanks for the shout out, Richard! That is one of my favorite “posting online” rules – for sure. Two “bottles” when it is a group of people/dinner party…two “glasses” when you are talking about yourself. (Pretty sure if any of us consumed two bottles of wine – we wouldn’t even know how to find the camera app…LOL!) Always make sure to review and “filter” your photos the next day – to avoid double-chins, outfit malfunctions, or reputation-smudging posts. Then – tag each person and continue the conversations online. :) Cheers!

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