Global Business and Alliances Committee


After enjoying all the festivities at the gala last night—what an installation!—I woke up early to come to the 8:00 AM Global Business and Alliances meeting. Okay, let’s be clear here. I briskly walked here, sweating a little bit and wearing glasses (contact issue). But the important thing is that I made it on time.

Hundreds of people are in the room, with over 50 countries represented! We have such a huge number of committee members, along with the hundreds of other guests that are here. The room is huge and it’s packed!

NAR has 82 partnerships with about 60 countries. We are truly an international group. Can you believe that this entire session is being simultaneously translated into French, Portuguese, Chinese and Spanish? Headsets are available, and they translate everything that is being said. Crazy!

A lot of different things are going on: recognitions, updates from different committees, updates, and the updates from the different countries. The newest bilateral partner with NAR is now the Real Estate Syndicate of Lebanon, and the President, Walid Moussa, is in attendance.

Alexander E. Perriello, President and CEO of Realogy Franchise Group, is now speaking to us—what a powerful guy in our room. Longterm successful agents make an investment and travel to go to where the people are located (Sotheby Art Conferences). They take the time to understand the culture and make sure to implement a high level of service by controlling the entire experience, from picking them up from the airport to showing the properties and everything in between. You want a raving fan that will tell everyone in their host country about you!

This is a great opportunity to reconnect with friends and meet new clients. However, I forgot to sign in! Will someone please remind me? I keep forgetting to sign in to all these events!

Tim Hur is a graduate of the Georgia Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial and Systems Engineering. Currently, he runs and operates a boutique real estate firm in metro Atlanta.

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