2014 NAR YPN Meeting


The YPN Meeting was productive and full of great guests and information. I will run down the agenda and highlight things that were talked about.

Elizabeth Mendenhall, the 2014 NAR Regional Vice President of Region 9, was first to speak. Elizabeth opened by saying “Nothing is going to change unless it is in writing.” She highlighted the fact that YPN members are the future of the industry, and told us to read and know the bylaws; that way we will know how to change them. There is a need and a want for the younger members to succeed, there just needs to be the same passion, care, and vision for the association. She ended with a quote: “You have to have more compassion for the future than we have for the past.”

Member Mobilization (John Flor, REALTOR® Party Member Involvement Liaison)
John was there to talk about Member Mobilization and the use of the REALTOR® Action Center App. After you download the app and set it up, you can now text “YPN” to 30644. It will then send you text messages when Calls to Action happen. He let us know that they are trying to get people engaged in the app and asked for suggestions to get more REALTORS® to use it. Some of the suggestions were to add a small video clip to help explain the Call to Action. Also, being able to reply to a Call to Action with just a text back was suggested. John also let us know there were three Calls to Action while we were here in New Orleans. You can respond to them at the Political Action Booth.

NAR REach Class (Mark Birschbach, Director)
Mark updated us on the 2014 REach Class. This year’s class is coming to an end. Three out of the eight companies this year have signed with major brands. All together, the class has raised $13 million in financing. The eight companies will be at booth #1527 if you would like to speak with them. The 2015 class will start in April, and they are taking recommendations for companies.

Next Generation Find-a-REALTOR® Profiles (Ernie Graham, Senior Director, Product Management, move.com)
Ernie gave us an update on changes since May. There are many updates to the profiles themselves. There is a mobile app and the profiles are now mobile-friendly. They can be linked to the .realtor domain. The profiles have many features: clients can contact you straight from the profile and you can add recommendations from clients to the profile, with video recommendations as well. The profiles are designed to make REALTORS® shine.

YPN $10M Pledge Update
Adrienne Loughery gave an update on the YPN RPAC 10 for 10 Pledge. 200 YPN members have signed up for the pledge in 2014. That is a great first year, but we can do better. There are more things to come from NAR to help promote it. If you would like to sign up go to realtoractioncenter.com/10for10.

2014 YPN Retreat
There was an YPN Retreat at the 2014 Leadership Summit in Chicago. YPN members met for a day that included education sessions, roundtables, and networking. There was great feedback. A 2015 retreat is in the planning stages.

YPN Survey
There has been good feedback about a YPN survey was sent out to local and state chairs. Most people said they would like better communication from state to local networks, and would like to bridge the gap between the younger and older members. They would also like clear direction or goals from the NAR YPN.

A first-generation real estate professional who was licensed in 2008, Drew Fristoe is active in his state and local association as well as the National Association of REALTORS®.

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