2014 Global Alliances Advisory Board


The 2014 Global Alliances Advisory Board is a required meeting for me as one of the President’s Liaisons (I serve as your liaison for the Republic of Korea, commonly known as South Korea). This is the one opportunity to have all the liaisons to come together to know what is going on internationally and our relationship with NAR and the respective cooperative association.

Being a President’s Liaison comes with big responsibility. A PL represents NAR on their activities to all the corners of the earth. Our trips to our respective countries do not come from NAR but from our own pockets (with very limited subsidy).

Quick stats: did I hear this right? One out of every seven sales are done by an international buyer! $92 Billion dollar worth of sales, a substantial increase!

Wait: we just got an interruption – President Steve Brown just stepped in the room! He was thanking us for our work and job over the past year and how important Global is to NAR’s members.

President Brown said that the dream of homeownership is held in every country that we all serve and the differences that it means in the different countries. This is not an American desire but a human desire.

Very cool – what a day!

Tim Hur is a graduate of the Georgia Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial and Systems Engineering. Currently, he runs and operates a boutique real estate firm in metro Atlanta.

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