The Item to Pack That’s More Important Than Socks


It’s Tuesday afternoon, T minus 1 day before I depart for #NARannual. This will be my 3rd REALTORS® Conference & Expo in New Orleans, and honestly one of my favorites of the NAR destinations! I find the city very easy to navigate, and I like that we are a little more spread out than other destinations. We pretty much take over the Riverside District.

Planning for almost a week away takes a little forethought as my staff will be in attendance with me, and so far we have four closings taking place while we are away! This means it will be a “working convention,” but that’s how most REALTORS® roll.

smoore2014_post_more-important-than-socks_300x225_01In order to be mobile and take care of business on the go, I feel the most essential tool we have today is our smart phone. These little touch screens are the lifeblood of our businesses today, and without them we feel unreachable and out of touch from the our clients and the world. What is even more essential is whether or not they work. Mark my words, one of the funniest things you will see this week is people plugged into the walls just about everywhere you go trying to charge up just enough to check email or make that important call.

As a seasoned travel expert take my advice and on your way to the airport (or even at the airport) get a backup external battery! Having one (or several) of these is “more important than socks”! When we are at the REALTORS® Conference & Expo, we are on our devices non-stop, much more than at home, and we suck every ounce of life out of the already well worn out batteries. Take my advice and bring one, two, or three with you! I like the larger capacity ones that you can charge off more than once, and some even charge two devices (a friend’s). I will be bringing several that I charge up at night and keep in my daypack to use throughout the day. This keeps me mobile and away from being tethered to the walls occupied by everyone else.

Sean is a REALTOR® at RE/MAX Boone Realty and is the Vice Chair of Advocacy for the Missouri REALTORS®.

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